White Mom Posts About Black Daughter’s Hair Causing Stir When Black Strangers Replies Come Pouring In

People come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and we’re supposed to be tolerant of everyone no matter how they look. But, there’s just something about the contrast between black and white that immediately grabs our attention. So, when a white mom made a plea on social media about her black daughter’s hair, she was naturally bound to get an overwhelming response.

Since our nation is still reeling from very high-profile racial tensions, Stephanie Hollifield could have very well ruffled some feathers when she attempted to reach out to black people about their hair. Trying to do what’s best for her little girl, this mom had no idea she was opening the floodgates when an overwhelming number of black moms responded to her open letter on her Facebook page.

Stephanie adopted her gorgeous little girl, Haley, when she was only 8 months old. Now that she’s 2, this mom is beginning to understand just how frustrating it can be to have a bad hair day all the time!

“Dear Black Friends of Social Media, This clueless white momma is humbly coming to you to ask your help with Haley’s hair. I have asked my friends. I have asked strangers in Publix with kids with cute hair, and I’m still not getting it. We wash once a week. We do the water, leave in conditioner, oil, and hot towel every morning. We’ve tried more products, no products, less products. We are gentle as can be, but she still requires at least 6 minutes of cuddles after the trauma of her daily hair combing. I feel like it looks great for about an hour or two and then it is tangly and clumpy again. This picture is 3 hours into the day.”

Stephanie never had to care for black hair before, and didn’t know what she was doing wrong when Haley’s crowning glory didn’t come out the way she wanted it to.

Stephanie’s plea for help received a ton of positive responses, and black women everywhere offered advice on how to care for delicate African hair. Even better, one of those women insisted on coming to Stephanie’s home to give her a few hands-on lessons!

“This lady, Monica Hunter, who I had never met in person before today, offered to come to my house and walk me through exactly how to style my daughter’s hair. She gave us her time, advice, headbands, combs and hair product. She asked for nothing in return and wouldn’t accept my money. By the time she left I had a little more confidence in fixing my daughter’s hair, and most importantly I felt supported by my new friend

After Monica learned that some well-meaning folks had advised Stephanie to get extensions for her daughter, she piped in and said that she’s only 2! Instead, she recommended that Stephanie put some oil in Haley’s hair, part it, create some cute little ponytails, and then finish the style off with a pretty headband. It was great advice, because the finished look is absolutely adorable!

Thankfully, this won’t be the last these two mama’s see of each other. Monica has three daughters of her own, and when they discovered what she had done, they were jealous that they missed out on all the fun! So, these wonderful moms have agreed to have another playdate in the near future.
As for Stephanie, she’s filled with lots of love and gratitude for the virtual stranger who came to her rescue. She went on to say that in a time of so much hate and division, we really need more people like Monica in our world.